I remember walking by it in the store and doing a double take...what was that? MAYOCHUP? Mayo and Ketchup combined in one bottled concoction ...hmmm intrigued, I pick it up, read it and put it in the cart. I must know what this tastes like. Truthfully, not too bad. It has its place.

By the way, that was last year. Now low and behold... Heinz is at it again and they hope to "make all condiment lovers’ dreams come true with the launch of new HEINZ MAYOCUE sauce, a tasty combination of mayonnaise and barbecue sauce, and HEINZ MAYOMUST sauce, a delicious mashup of mayonnaise and mustard." according to a new press release. 

You should start seeing these any day now on store shelves as they are currently rolling them out nationwide. Fans can find out when HEINZ MAYOCUE and MAYOMUST sauces will be available locally by reaching out to them on Twitter @HeinzKetchup_US.

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