UPDATE (February 15th, 2022)

Great news!  We got a message this morning telling us that an Auburn woman found found the necklace!

The person who found the necklace said her friend had found the necklace at an antique shop.  She had purchased it and given it to the person who had possession of it as a gift.  The woman explained that she had woke up early this morning with a headache and, as she scrolled through social media, spotted the post about how it was missing.

With the anniversary of her daughter's passing just over a week away, the owner is incredibly happy that she'll be getting the necklace back.

Big thanks to everyone who shared this story to help us spread the word.

Original story follows...



There is almost no greater pain for a parent than the pain that comes from the loss of a child.  This is especially true if that child was an infant.  The sense of loss must be unimaginable.  Fortunately, most of us will never have to go through that pain.

Sadly, a missing necklace has one Lewiston mother dealing with that loss all over again.

In a Facebook post on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook group, Caitlynn Treadwell put out a plea asking if someone had seen her missing cremation necklace.

The pendant on the necklace, which was made by a company called Daybreak Dreams, is a heart made of purple glass.  That glass is infused with the ashes of Caitlynn's daughter.

In the post, she explains that the necklace was lost while she was walking in the vicinity of the College Street and Sabattus Street area of Lewiston.

If you know anything about the missing necklace, you can call or text Caitlynn at 207.220.2580.

We are all very sorry for Caitlynn's loss and hope that the necklace will turn up.

A Tour Of The Abandoned Mansion On The Coast Of Maine

Unlike many of the abandoned homes and buildings in Maine, it does not appear that this mansion has been abandoned all that long. In fact, some of the remaining appliances look brand new! The images in this gallery came from Youtube videos that can be found HERE and HERE

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