For many (most?) kids, brushing their teeth is always an issue.  You either have to fight with them to get them to do it or they brush for a fraction of the time they should be brushing.

How do you fix this?  Ground them?  Threaten to take away their toys?  Show them pictures of the smiles of people who didn't brush their teeth?

You could try all of those things, but you'd probably be better off downloading "Brush DJ" on your phone.

This free app plays music and has a counter indicating how long the kids should be brushing their teeth.  The correct amount of time is two minutes, by-the-way.  When all of the dots change color, they've brush long enough.

The app comes with a set number of songs, but you can also play music loaded on your phone or play music from certain streaming services.

Get more details at the Brush DJ website

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