When I realized that I hadn't had a vacation since Christmas (yes... really!) I decided to unplug for a while and head up to Rangeley Lake for some much-needed *silent* relaxation. There are no microphones or radio studios up there!

It was a great week of cookouts, boating, swimming, and campfires when the sun went down behind the mountains. I even got to read two whole Stephen King novels! (ok, one and a half).

Because the internet was really slow and getting a signal was next to impossible, I spent a while exploring the features of my iPhone that I don't normally use. I messed around with the Slo-Mo and Time Lapse video settings. I took a time lapse video of a whole hour on the lake from our dock, and another video of our campfire in slow motion. That one is definitely amazing to watch. Here's what it looked like:

And here's the time-lapse of a whole hour on Rangeley Lake. This is pretty cool too!

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