Over the past few years, buddy benches have been popping up in schools and parks across the country.  What are they?  Meeting places for children to socialize.  In theory, a child with no one to play with during recess can go to the "buddy bench" to make new friends.

According to the KJ, when Greene Central School third grader Traeh Cloutier found out about the passing of fellow student Brayden Madore, he proposed the idea of installing a buddy bench at the school as a memorial.

Traeh proposed the idea to Douglas Parker, the school's principal.  Parker loved the idea.

The bench was funded by Cloutier's parents, Brayden Madore's father, and The Androscoggin County Employees Association.

On October 23rd the bench, engraved with “In Memory of Brayden Madore”, was installed at the school.

According to Traeh, people have already used the bench.  He said, “It brings kindness to the school.”

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