Staying up late is all relative.

This woman is completely flabbergasted when her grandson explains he's going to be DJing from 10 p.m.-5 a.m. on New Year's. Her mind is further twisted into a pretzel when he says it's all going down in a warehouse. And the face she makes around the 55-second mark when he explains he'll get home around 7 a.m. is the same one we made when trying to understand algebra -- that is to say, it's one of confusion about a concept that's simply not registering.

Don't get us wrong -- Grandma can party, too. We're guessing she rocked that not-quite-yet retro-hipster chic Chicago Bears Super Bowl sweatshirt while binging on Barnaby Jones or whatever was showing on the Hallmark Channel that she had to call her grandson to help her find on her cable system because this darned remote control is just so confusing and don't you dare get her a DVR because she just knows it will blow up the whole house and maybe she'll just scrap her whole plan and invite Myrtle, Gladys, Edith and the other girls to play a rousing game of mahjong until the break of 9:30, instead.

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