Come one, come all! The 207 is open and ready for business.

ABC's Good Morning America airs weekdays on WVII Channel 7 in Bangor, so it only makes sense they would pay a visit to our wonderful state. ABC News’ Will Reeve made the voyage here to explore some of the top attractions as things get back to business, and Covid restrictions are finally lifted. It looks to be a very busy summer tourist season in Maine, and there are so many options to consider if you decide to take a vacation here in The Pine Tree State.

Describing Maine as a bounty of hiking, biking, beer and lobster, Will started his journey at the eastern most point in the United States, at the scenic West Quaddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, which basically is a postcard come to life, and one of 65 lighthouses in the state.

He then chats with Katie Porch, who owns the Lobster Shack At Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, which is by all accounts, the best place in Maine to have a lobster roll, with a million dollar view.

Maine loves some beer, in fact there are 150 breweries here, and Will visits Jenn Lever, who runs Baxter Brewing Company, which makes some delicious brews that people all over the world enjoy.

Finally, it's a bike ride through Bradbury State Park, which is another thing that Maine has an abundance of. Great trails, hikes, and views, our state parks are second to none.

The world is getting back to normal, so take the opportunity to enjoy everything Maine has to offer. Happy trails, and lobster tails!

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