The Night King’s army made one familiar addition in Season 7, and Game of Thrones may donate even more fresh meat next year. New set photos seem to suggest the Army of the Dead has some powerful – albeit unwilling – allies near and dear to Daenerys’ heart.

You’re warned of possible Season 8 spoilers from here on out, but it should come as little surprise that the ranks of the undead army will swell before the series is out. When last we saw, the Night King and his new dragon pet were leading a march south of The Wall, and any number of familiar locales may provide their first target. Some intriguing new set photos at Watchers on The Wall have added a noticeable wrinkle, however, as the green bodysuits normally reserved for the undead “Wights” have been spotted on actors filming scenes from horseback.

The photos themselves have been taken down (WoTW still has them), but Wights have traditionally been shown to march, while only the White Walkers ride horses. The Walkers themselves are primarily realized with full costume and makeup, so it’s unusual to see any riders that require the CG effects a bodysuit would provide. As the theory goes, we may be seeing Dothraki members of Daenerys’ army turned against their queen after falling in battle. Regular Wights on horseback is also a possibility (they’d have more access to dead horses south of The Wall), as recently-deceased Dothraki might not have the same decay that requires bodysuit CG in the first place.

Things are likely to get pretty dire in the final six Game of Thrones episodes, but is Dany’s advantage spent if The Night King keeps stealing her dragons and soldiers? Stay tuned for the latest.

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