While there are many unanswered questions about how the summer of 2021 will look here in Maine, we do know one thing: Funtown / Splashtown will be open!

It was a shock to all of us when the park, which has been helping families make memories for about six decades, announced they would be closed for the Summer of 2020.

Well, it looks like you'll be able to make up for the loss of last summer this year!

In a post of the Funtown / Splashtown Facebook page, they do intend to be open for the Summer of 2021.  With some changes, of course.

In the post, they explain that they have submitted their reopening plan to the State of Maine.  Unless things change dramatically between now and their opening date, some of their protocols include masks being mandatory, mandatory social distancing, and hand sanitizing stations spread throughout the park.  These, of course, are standard for most business in the State of Maine.

The post also says they are planning a few precautions that will be exclusive to the park.  Some of these include:

"Empty seats on some rides may be required, to provide proper distancing. Less lounge chairs will be available in Splashtown, along with more space between picnic tables in both parks, with this same reasoning."


In the post, they also say that, as restrictions are rolled back by the state, they will do the same.  When masks stop being mandatory, for example.  Or, when social distancing is no longer necessary.

The post also explained that while they were closed over the Summer of 2020, the staff did manage to get a lot done.

"New and updated paint and stain schemes run throughout the park. Fence repair, tree and limb removal, refreshed signage, building repair, shingle replacement, and so much more kept us very busy. Of course, we have NEVER had an entire summer to do only these types of projects, and we really hope it shows and that you love it as much as we all do."


The plan to post their operating days and hours sometime in the next few days.  When they do, you'll be able to see them at funtownsplashtownusa.com/

Read the entire statement HERE

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