Netflix’s Fuller House may never bring Michelle back to the fold, but another ‘90s TV icon could be waiting in the wings. A curious reference from the Season 3 finale brings Family Matters’ Steve Urkel back into play, and producers have actually discussed bringing the famed character to San Francisco for a visit.

You’re warned of light Fuller House spoilers from here on out (if there is such a thing), but where this past weekend’s Season 3 finale brought a familiar face to the Tanner household, DJ tantalizingly hinted at another possibility down the line. The character wondered aloud, “I wonder who else we can track down. I wonder what Urkel’s up to,” referencing the 1991 crossover that saw Jaleel White’s Steve Urkel hanging out with the Full House cast.

Of course, that reference could go either way. Fuller House has a habit of both cheeky nods to past characters and actually tracking their actors down for an appearance. All the same, creator and executive producer Jeff Franklin told TVLine that they’ve actually discussed the possibility with Jaleel White, and might consider it if Netflix renews Fuller House for Season 4:

I loved when Urkel was on Full House, so I’d love to see him back on Fuller House. I’m good friends with Jaleel, and we’ve talked about it. It’s a really big deal for Jaleel to bring this character back, so I’m not sure that he wants to — but if he does decide to, this would be a great way for him to reprise the character. And who knows, maybe that’ll happen. I’d love to see it. I think everybody’s curious about whatever happened to Steve Urkel, so the audience would really enjoy it. We have some fun ideas, so we’ll see how that shakes out.

White isn’t exactly off the grid these days, having recently starred in CBS’ (now-canceled) Me, Myself & I. Earlier this year, White’s co-star Darius McCrary also teased the possibility of a Family Matters reunion over social media, and revivals are certainly all the rage these days.

An Urkel appearance is probably more likely than getting the Olsen Twins back for a cameo, but is a Family Matters revival on deck? Family-er Matters? Just spitballing, here.

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