Newry is typically a quiet town, at least outside of ski season, but that changed in a big way on Labor Day weekend 2006.

31-year-old Christian Nielsen moved into the Black Bear Bed and Breakfast after getting a job as a line cook at The Sudbury Inn, in Bethel, according to The New York Times.

An AP article listed on reported that Nielsen had lived and worked for about two months before carrying out the horrific crime of murdering and dismembering 4 individuals and 2 dogs.

Victims included 50-year-old James Whitehurst of Batesville, Arkansas, who had been staying at the inn for business purposes and later was described as the live-in handyman of the property; 65-year-old Julie Bullard who was the innkeeper; and Julie's daughter, 30-year-old Selby Bullard and Selby's friend and coworker, 43-year-old Cynthia Beatson, according to the New York Times. Two dogs were also found deceased in the inn.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Nielsen had contacted his father and stepmother of Byrant Pond to visit the inn and upon arrival witnessed blood and a body and immediately contacted authorities where Nielsen was arrested, the newspaper stated.

Police discovered the dismembered bodies of the three women in a heap outside the inn, and later Nielson directed police to Whitehurst's body in the woods in Upton, Maine, according to the Times. It appeared Nielson had shot his victims before dismembering them with a chain saw, hacksaw, and pickax.

Early reports for a motive indicate that there was a dispute over rent for his room.

The case went to trial the next year, in the fall of 2007. Nielson's defense team said he was not competent to stand trial but Nielson would not agree to an insanity defense and ultimately the Assistant Attorney General said Nielsen was capable to aid in his defense if he chose that path, another AP article on stated.

On October 9, 2007, Nielsen pleaded guilty to the 4 slayings, according to the AP article. To this day Nielsen has been unable to explain his motive behind the crimes.

In the end, Nielsen was sentenced to life in prison.

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