LEGO is the ultimate, all-inclusive, toy.  No matter your gender, how much money your family had, or what your interests were, almost all of us spent hours building with LEGO blocks.  Whether you loved to build buildings, loved Star Wars, were all about Harry Potter, or you were big into pirates, there were LEGO kits for you.  Nearly every one of us have memories of letting our imaginations run wild as we spent hours building crazy creations.

Now, you’re all grown up with kids of your own and they love playing with LEGOs, too.  Sounds like it is time to plan a trip to the Legoland Discovery Center in Massachusetts.

What Is The Legoland Discovery Center Boston?

The Legoland Discovery Center is basically a children’s museum that is all centered around LEGO building blocks.  Each of these discovery centers (there are several around the country) features a bunch of different LEGO attractions

The Legoland Discovery Center Attractions

Attractions at the Boston discovery center include:

  • Miniland – Over 1.5 million LEGO bricks were used to create this Boston cityscape.  The display features several notable Boston buildings, including the TD Garden.
  • LEGO 4D Theater – A 3D theater that plays a rotation of short LEGO movies.  Where’s the 4th dimension come in?  At various times during the movies, viewers will get hit with wind, snow, etc.  It really brings the movies to life!
  • Kingdom Quest – Guests ride on chariots blasting skeletons
  • Meet The LEGO Characters – Meet your favorite characters from the LEGO world.
  • LEGO City Play Zone – LEGO themed slides, jungle gyms, climbing walls, and more.
  • LEGO Store – A trip to the Legoland Discovery Center would not be complete without bringing a souvenir home.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tickets for the discovery center are fairly affordable.  They start at about $20 per person.  There is a premium pass that is a little over $30 per person.

If you have to live in the Boston area, or you make frequent visits to Boston, it could be worth getting an annual pass.  Annual passes are just under $70 per person and provide the guest with 12 months of access (no blackout dates).  Plus, the pass gives a 40% discount to guests of the passholder and discounts at the snack bar.

Check out this video of the center...

You can find the Legoland Discovery Center Boston at 598 Assembly Row in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Get all the details from the website.

In addition to Boston, there are discovery centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and several other cities in North America.

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