Nezinscot Farm Cafe & Gourmet Food Shop

284 Turner Center Road -- Turner, Maine

Imagine enjoying a fresh baked cinnamon roll, sipping your morning coffee, and snuggling with a purring cat in an old weathered rocking chair. You could be at your grandma's house or you could be at the cozy Nezinscot Farm Cafe and Gourmet Food Shop in Turner.

The Nezinscot website says, "Nezinscot Farm began as the first Organic Dairy in the state of Maine. Through the desire to diversify and the passion for good food, Nezinscot's owners, Gregg & Gloria Varney expanded Nezinscot Farm to encompass a Gourmet Food Shop, a Cafe and Coffee Shop, a Bakery, a Fromagerie, a Charcuterie, and a Yarn & Fiber Studio."

I want to live at this farm. It was incredible. As we walked in we were greeted by farm cats and a friendly dog. The staff welcomed us and handed us menus and gave us a quick tour. Baked goods everywhere, the most incredible tea station, strong coffee. The menu is small but has everything you could possibly want.


Love this place. It's quite small and probably not for those expecting a sit down meal with folded napkins. It's a bakery, it's a cheese shop, a yarn store, it's this and that and all sorts of things.


The cafe and store are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Visit for a cozy breakfast and farm atmosphere.

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