The Augusta Police Department went head to head with the Augusta Fire Department all for a good cause.  It was Badges vs. Badges at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant.  The goal?  To see which team could consume the Taco Gigante the quickest.

This was quite a task, but the Augusta Police Department pulled it off AGAIN for the second year in a row...thanks to Animal Control Officer Francois Roodman, who finished first both times.


Officer Roodman and the other team members from the APD had to consume  2 POUNDS of Mexican delish consisting of: A crispty foot-long shell filled with two pounds of fixings including lettuce, refried beans, rice ground beef, chicken, carnitas, cheese, salsa fresca, bacon, queso, hacienda sauce, picante sauce, crema and pickled jalapenos.

As a result of their win, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant is making a donation to the Special Olympics.


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