Clint Eastwood is no doubt riding high on the success of airplane pilot true-life drama Sully, and he’s ready for his next biopic. Today, he announced he would be tackling the story of Jessica Buchanan, the aid worker who was abducted in Somalia in October 2011.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Eastwood’s next film will be based on Buchanan’s memoir Impossible Odds, which she co-wrote with her husband Erik Landemalm and Anthony Flacco. The book tells the grueling story of Buchanan and her friend’s abduction by Somalian land pirates after they were betrayed by their escort, and the three months they spent out in the desert while Landemalm was trying everything to get them back home. President Obama ended up deploying SEAL Team 6 — yes, that SEAL Team 6 — to parachute in, kill the pirates, and extract Buchanan and her colleague.

The film adaptation has been in the works since 2013 when Clear Pictures Entertainment optioned the rights to Buchanan and Landemalm’s story. It’ll see the re-team of Eastwood and Brian Helgeland, who worked on 2003 Oscar-winner Mystic River. The film also marks the third consecutive true-life tale Eastwood has adapted to screen, indicating that red-blooded Americans dealing with hardship abroad and at home is right in the man’s wheelhouse.

We don’t know whether or not the movie will keep the memoir’s title Impossible Odds, or if Eastwood is eyeing anyone for the cast, but Eastwood’s films, consistently Oscar contenders, have become quite hot tickets.

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