You can't make this stuff up. Did you know there is a Joint Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation in the legislature? Yeah, it's a 'joint' committee.

Remember Mainers voting last November for recreational marijuana? Well, here's what's been going on with the law. This committee of lawmakers have developed a draft proposal that deletes some things and expands upon others, as the proposal now goes to a public hearing on Sept. 26.

It looks like instead of 10 percent sales tax, it will be 20 percent. Also businesses that are hoping to enter the recreational marijuana market will have to wait a few more months.

Also, according to the Sun/Journal, "... municipalities would keep 5 percent of the monthly sales tax revenue generated in that city or town by marijuana stores and social clubs." Reports say it "...eliminates the cap on the total amount of recreational marijuana that can be grown in the state."

The Sun/Journal says legal marijuana is projected to be as much as a $290 million market in Maine within 3 years.

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