Well, the Strike has begun for Bath Iron Workers employees as they walked out at midnight Sunday.

According to News Center Maine, this Strike was caused by the rejection of the new contract that would have allowed BIW to bring in more subcontractors to work at the facility.

87% of the union members voted to endorse the Strike until negotiations for a new labor agreement can be ironed out, and both parties can be in accord.

"BIW employees voted on Sunday not to accept the Company's last, best, and final offer for a new collective bargaining agreement. Employees also voted to authorize a strike, beginning at midnight on June 21....[B]IW will be making additional information available to its employees in the near-term, so they can plan accordingly."

That was the statement released by David Hench, the BIW spokesperson this past weekend. Most strikes usually end in some type of resolution, so I know that they will iron it out. In the meantime, with all that is going on in the economy, keep both factions in your positive thoughts so we can keep Maine employed and move in a more productive direction.

Have you ever been on Strike before? If so, what was it that finally resolved it?

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