Did you recently post a picture of your kids' first day back at school to social media?  Or, did you post a "joke" picture of your first day back at school?  Yes, we get it, you're in 23rd grade!

If you did, and you used one of those chalkboard signs, you may want to take it down.

According to Business Insider, those chalkboards could pose a security risk.


There are several concerns, but the biggest one is that a predator can use that information on the chalkboard (sign) to gain your child's trust.

Depending on the version of the chalkboard you use, it can have some detailed information about your child or yourself.  They often include the student's name, his / her age, their school, their grade, and other personal information.

Picture it, a predator saw your daughter's photo on Facebook or Instagram and decided to use that information to get access to your child.  "Hey Erin, your teacher, Mrs. Brown, wanted me to come get you."

The same things goes for adults who do joke back to school pictures.  You could include your name, your age, and where you work (you school).  All of this information could be used to gain access online accounts (email, banks, etc).

Clearly, if your social media accounts are locked to non-friends, you are in a much better spot than those whose accounts are open to the public, but you could still be at risk.  Just be safe...

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