Better Call Saul stands on its own from Breaking Bad, even if Bob Odenkirk himself gets tired of the comparison, though a few familiar faces never hurt here and there. The latest popped up in Monday’s “Rebecca,” as Mark Margolis dropped by to reprise his role as Hector “Tio” Salamanca, and not as we’d ever seen him. Check out the scene for yourself.

The surprising confrontation saw Tio dropping by Mike (Jonathan Banks)’s favorite diner, appealing to the Better Call Saul regular to walk back a gun charge for his nephew Tuco (Raymond Cruz), following the scuffle that saw Mike’s face turning a few new shades of purple. Of course, this Tio hasn’t had the stroke that put one of Breaking Bad’s most famous villains on assisted living, but still seems notably weaker than the man we saw in flashback decades earlier.

It isn’t entirely clear if Margolis might reprise the role again, or when Tio might suffer the stroke that produced that famous bell, but watch the appearance for yourself above, and stay tuned for another new Better Call Saul this coming Monday.

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