Spider-Man’s red-and-blue costume is beautiful and iconic, but that full facial mask doesn’t allow for a lot of emotions. And so Marvel Comics’ artists eventually stumbled on changing the size and shape of the eyes of Spider-Man’s mask to give him different expressions. On the page, it works. In three dimensions, it’s impractical and basically impossible. What kind of mask (presumably made of Spandex or some similar material) changes its shape just because you squint ? It doesn’t. And as a result, through the first two Spider-Man franchises, Spider-Man’s mask and its eyes were fixed in place. No changing eyes.

When Marvel brought Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, they brought the changing eyes with them. They found an in-continuity explanation why he would need that superfluous technology (Peter’s powers give him extremely sensitive eyes, so the adaptive lenses help him filter out certain stimuli) and how it would work in a mask. (Tony Stark built his suit, which is more like an Iron Man costume than a bunch of tights.)

But Tony Stark doesn’t exist (uh, spoiler alert) and the reality of a Spider-Man mask with eyes that change shape on command remains elusive. But check out what this cosplayer, LensesFactoryHK, made. It’s an impressively accurate version of the Homecoming Spider-Man mask, complete with eyes that move and shift without buttons:

Pretty impressive stuff. I think it’s worth observing at this point that the Spider-Man you see in Captain America: Civil War was entirely CGI (although they did make a costume for Spider-Man: Homecoming) and the Spidey in Infinity War is largely CGI. And yet this cosplayer went to the trouble to make it real. That is ... intense.

Disney should recruit this guy to make Spider-Man masks for the characters who dress up for photo ops in their theme parks. Or just for us. We want one.

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