I love libraries. They bring so much to our communities. It might seem counterintuitive since so much is available to all of us online, but libraries have a lot to offer beyond books.

Lithgow Public Library on the corner of State and Winthrop Streets in Augusta has been a cornerstone of information for Augusta residents since 1896 and cost about $52,000 to build at the time. It still stands today with its stunning reading room, and in 2016, the finished the new addition to expand its access and offerings to the community.

Really check out the website and the newsletter to see what they are offerings to Augusta residents and non-residents! You will be shocked how much is available to you online and in person.

Check out where how to get your library card for residents and non-residents. Yes, as a non-resident, it will cost you a bit but it a wonderfully thoughtful gift to tap into all Lithgow Library has to offer. In fact, when you purchase a gift membership at the Lithgow Library Circulation desk, they have a lovely gift certificate that you will have to give to the recipient.

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