According to their Facebook Page, owner Laura Benedict has indicated that it is time to open up and give the people what they want- Her famous chicken and seafood baskets!

It has been a gut-punch to see so many local businesses remain closed during this pandemic, but none has been as heavy-hitting as the red barn. Not only a staple in the State of Maine, but also garnering national accolades over the years for the incredible food, and the Red Barn's unwavering commitment to giving back, primarily to local causes and veterans.

If you're wondering when you can once again taste the delectable goodness of Red Barn fare, Laura says they will be opening Tuesday-Saturday from 11-6. They will be running on a different menu as they are doing to-go orders only and expect to be pretty busy.

All the information you'll need for hours and ordering is right here. And remember, they'll have your order ready before you arrive, call 623-9485!

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