Even though some meteorologists were predicting we would see messy weather on New Years Eve night, it really was not that bad.  For those of us who had to drive home after work, in the early morning hours of the first day of 2022, we made our way through mist and fog.  And, fortunately, it was warm enough for us to not have to deal with ice on the roads.

Now, it looks like we could see our first real snow of the new year on Sunday and Sunday evening.

According to the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel, Maine will see snow throughout the afternoon on Sunday (January 2nd) and Sunday evening.

Sunday will start with warm temperatures and rain but, as the temperatures fall, that rain will change over to snow.  That snow will continue through Sunday evening.

In total, the Augusta / Waterville area will see about an inch and a half of snow.  In the mountains of Western Maine, they could see as much as 4" of snow.

While we're not going to get pounded by snow this time around, you are going to want to allow a little extra time to make sure you get your car cleaned off.  And, depending on where you live, the roads may not be completely cleaned before you head to work or school.

Be safe and happy new year!

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