Yesterday we reported on a story that very few details were available on involving an armed robbery and shots fired in Auburn.

As it turns out, it was actually one of the robbery suspects who ended up getting shot, not the robbery victims.

According to WGME, officers arrested 18 year old William Beasley at the scene as he was attempting to provide first aid to his accomplice who ended up getting shot.

Beasley and his accomplice were attempting to rob a couple using a BB gun. The male victim said he needed to retrieve his wallet from the car to give them money. What the man actually retrieved was his 9mm pistol and began firing at the suspects, hitting Beasley's accomplice.

Beasley's accomplice was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. At this time no charges have been filed on the robbery victim who fired the shots.

More charges are expected according to the Sun Journal.

**Original Story Below**

Authorities indicate there is no threat to the public after an overnight armed robbery in a parking lot on Center Street in Auburn.

According to News Center Maine, all of the involved parties have been identified and accounted for and there is no need for public worry. Police confirm that as least one person was taken to the hospital after a 911 call shortly after midnight claiming sounds of gunfire in the area.

The business where this happened, located in the Auburn Plaza, will be open today (2-24-20) though they say that parking spaces and some traffic will be restricted for several hours this morning.

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