Apple ranks at the top of the list of most seductive retailers, with its stores accounting for more sales per square foot ($6,050) than any other retailer in the nation. By a lot.

Second-place Tiffany and Co. reportedly sells $3,017 of merchandise per square foot, less than half of Apple's tally, followed by yoga retailer Lululemon Athletica at $1,936.

Retail experts say these top retailers succeed at transforming potential customers into buyers by creating storefronts that seduce them by creating feelings of euphoria. "That's why Apple went into bricks-and-mortar retailing," says retail expert Robin Lewis.  "And it's why you'll see Amazon and eBay do the same. You can't create the kind of experience consumers want by selling to them just online. The emotional and neurological connection has to be made in person."

Lewis added that when customers are engaged through in-store participation, dopamine is released into the body, creating feelings of satisfaction that ultimately lead them to buy.

10 Most Seductive Retailers in America

  1. Apple, $6,050 per square foot
  2. Tiffany and Co., $3,017
  3. Lululemon Athletic, $1,936
  4. Coach, $1,871
  5. Michael Kors, $1,431
  6. Select Comfort, $1,314
  7. True Religion, $1,227
  8. Vera Bradley, $1,186
  9. Birks and Mayors, $1,082
  10. Fairway Market, $1,081

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