The movie world was changed — maybe forever — when Warner Bros. announced a “hybrid” distribution model for all of its 2021 titles. For the full year, all of the studio’s movies will premiere on HBO Max the same day they hit theaters. The movies will be available on HBO Max for a 30-day window, before going theatrical only until their final home video release.

That means you’ll need to remain subscribed to watch all these movies; if you sign up in October to watch Dune, you won’t be able to watch Godzilla vs. Kong, which premieres in May and will be gone again by later that summer. At $15 a month, a full year of HBO Max would set you back $180, so if you’re going to pick and choose when to sign up, it helps to know not only what’s coming to HBO Max but when. So here are all 17 Warner Bros. titles announced for HBO Max, along with their release dates. A few are still TBD and listed at the end. And the same rules also apply to Wonder Woman 1984 when it premieres on Christmas on HBO Max.

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