Why can't more tourists be dogs?

Samson the Doodle is an Instagram star with over 159,000 followers. He hails from Brooklyn, New York, and he needed a little break from the hustle and bustle of New York so he packed his doggy bag and ventured to Maine for the long weekend.

It turns out this dog does Maine better than most humans do. Here's how Samson enjoyed our state with all four paws.

First stop, Eventide Oyster Co. for one of their world famous brown butter lobster rolls.

Samson continued up the coast in his rain jacket to take in the natural beauty of Acadia National Park.

After long walks along the rocky shores, it is important to recharge with a nap in the hammock. Belly rubs, anyone?

After enjoying Memorial Day Weekend in Maine, Samson hit the road back to New York with his private driver and his teddy bear, totally tuckered out from adventuring in the land of lobster.

Come back anytime, Samson! More tourists should be like you!

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