Whether it's zombies or any other apocalyptic scenario you can dream up, there's a place in northern Maine waiting for you to survive it. And according to MissileBases.com, it could be yours for a price that is WAY more reasonable than you might be thinking.

First, let's detail the property. It's called the Nike, and it's located in Limestone, Maine just miles from the Canadian border. The 17-acre property was once the home of a U.S. Military installation, part of the Project Nike program that was initiated as an anti-missile defense system. That system eventually became outdated, and the missile base was decommissioned.

But the remnants still remain. According to the Bangor Daily News, a New Hampshire couple bought the property almost two decades ago and have preserved much of what makes the property unique. The original barracks that were built to house soldiers on the property still stand, having been converted in a rentable property now. So does the military-level barbed wire fencing for protection. Oh, and then there's that underground bunker...

Beneath the property lies an incredible storehouse that was used to house the anti-missile defense system. It boasts 10,000 square feet of underground space, complete with electrical connections and they were built with reinforced concrete, meaning they could withstand a direct militarized attack. It's like Fallout 4 coming to life in your backyard.

The couple that has owned the property also built their own, modern-style house on the property. When you consider the amount of property, plus the house and rentable apartment, PLUS the underground bunker, you'd expect to pay....what? Well, the entire lot is valued at somewhere between 300k-500k, meaning it's a steal for someone who has vision.

Anyone want to invite us over to their missile base?

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