When you think of college spring break, you probably envision taking a cruise or partying on Panama City Beach.  Sure, lots of people head to warmer destinations for spring break, but if you don't have the money to make a trip like that, consider spring break adventures you can have right here in New England.

Maine is a great place to have a spring break adventure.  The state has forests, coastline, craft breweries, and some amazing restaurants.

Take a look at our list of Maine spring break adventures.

Maine Spring Break Adventures

Spending your spring break in Maine? Here are 9 fun things you can do with your friends.

We tried to make sure our list had a little something for everyone, whether you love outdoor adventures, indoor adventures, or you just want to have a beer.  We've also tried to make sure that our list offered things to do in different regions of the state.  Yes, much of the action in the state is centered around the Portland area, there are fun things to do all over the state.

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So, whether you are going to college in Maine, or you are coming from New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, or New York, the Pine Tree State is a great place to spend your spring break.

Also, here are a bunch of Maine towns and cities worth visiting.

11 Cool Maine Towns You Need To Visit In 2022

Maine is a state that has so much to offer. So this year, visit somewhere new!

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