Check out these affordable ways to spend the rest of your Summer.

Visit A State Park - A few weeks ago, Governor LePage announced he was waiving the fees for Maine State Parks through Labor Day.  Why not take advantage of that?  Whether you're looking to hang out on the beach, walk through the woods, or climb a mountain, there's a park for you.  Find a list here

Take In A Sea Dogs Game - There are a few home games left this season.  Seats, and basically everything else, are incredibly cheap.  Get details here

Visit A Nearby Downtown - There's a good chance that you go to the same places day after day.  Why not go somewhere new?  Take an afternoon to walk through the downtown of a nearby town or city that you never visit.  Check out the stores and restaurants.

Take A Drive - There's nothing like cruising down the road, windows down (or top down if you're lucky enough to have a convertible), with the music blasting.  The only cost?  A few bucks for some gas.

Take A Ride On The Brew Bus - If beer is your thing, need should take an afternoon ride on Portland's Brew Bus

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