It's known for being cold, but the people of this city will greet you with a warm smile.

Travel + Leisure has come out with its list of America's friendliest cities for 2017 and the metropolis where nice just oozes out citizens' veins is none other than...Buffalo? Yes, the blisteringly cold region where people set themselves on fire topped the rankings. Who knew?

"Readers ranked their hometowns and cities across a range of categories, from the quality of the pizza to the demeanor of the locals," the site said.

America's Friendliest Cities for 2017

  1. Buffalo
  2. Norfolk, Va.
  3. Greenville, S.C.
  4. New Orleans
  5. San Antonio
  6. Indianapolis
  7. Nashville
  8. Louisville, Ken.
  9. Fort Worth, Tex.
  10. Milwaukee

Interestingly, while Buffalo finished first, the lion's share of this list was made up of cities in the South (seven to be exact), proving southern hospitality is more than just lip service.

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