As you may know Maine has its own state cat, the Maine Coon Cat, a breed that is known for its large size, thick, water-resistant coat and long, bushy tail.

The breed has been popular in Maine for years, and according to Yankee Magazine, here are some fun facts about Maine Coon Cats.

The Maine coon's closest relative may be the Norwegian forest cat, lending credence to the theory that the first coon cats came to Maine on Viking ships.

But one legend about the origins of the Maine Coon Cat involves a brush with French royalty. According to the story, there was a plan to smuggle Marie Antoinette out of France before she was forcibly shortened by the guillotine.

Sadly (for her). Marie didn't make it, but supposedly several of her long-haired cats did get to Maine, where they had their way with local cats to produce the Maine Coon.

What about you? Do you own a Maine Coon Cat?